My masterpiece! After years of research and development, starting with theĀ Alpha project, I think my goal is now finally within reach, and I am very pleased and very excited with this creation.

  • Infinite multichannel (polyphonic) sustain.
  • Multichannel direct to DAW audio with BOSS/Roland GK-13 pin outputs via Nexus-GK.
  • Control voltage (CV) to MIDI via Nexus-GK.
  • Multi-layer (9 layers) laminated (Carbon Fiber, Hard Maple, Adaan), concealed bolt-on neck, with carbon-glass truss-bar.
  • Midsection (Carbon Fiber wrapped Ash).
  • Carbon Fiber top.
  • Carbon fiber bottom.
  • 2.5kg balanced weight distribution (center of mass at the 22-24th fret).

This Thor prototype is designed for production. When we finally go into production (hopefully soon), the general specifications will remain the same, with only a few exceptions (e.g. the hard to find Adaan hardwood).

Will there be provisions for other pickups? Yes, but only one in the bridge position beside the Nu pickup. There will be too much interference in the neck position from the sustain drivers. I have ideas on how to cancel the interference near the neck, but that is not ready at the moment. Besides, the target application use-cases involve DSP processing which gives you possibilities for virtual pickups. BOSS/Roland GK synths such as the SY-1000 already have this right out of the box.

Will there be options for a tremolo bar? I am collaborating with Oliveira Pires (Portugal) on the design of a control voltage (CV) to MIDI tremolo bar. It is very preliminary at this point. I believe an electronic solution, as opposed to a mechanical solution, will be superior. An electronic system will not have any tuning instabilities and such, that plague mechanical systems.

But having said that, I intend to work closely with a guitar builder in the U.S. and possibly Europe who can provide custom solutions, such as mechanical trems, multi-scale, headless and so on.

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Brad L.
Brad L.
6 months ago

Wow. Amazing work all around!

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