The halldorophone

I wrote about the halldorophone before in my post titled Embracing Feedback. The halldorophone is a cello-like, bowed acoustic-electric instrument that utilizes feedback to generate harmonically rich timbres. Now, you might be interested to know that one of its leading players is Oscar-winning Hildur Guðnadóttir, who used it extensively on her score for the movie Joker. 

Learn more about this fascinating instrument following this link: halldorophone – interview with creator Halldór Úlfarsson

I am proud to say that the Nu capsules are the official pickups, used in the latest versions of these unique instruments. Perseverance pays off, and I am amazed that the Nu is being embraced by inventors and instrument builders outside the domain of the electric guitar.

It is very pleasant to now be working with the Nu single string pickup made by Joel de Guzman at Cycfi Research. The Nus are very clean and consistent and finally feel like a solution which it is worth re-designing the whole system around so I am collaborating with a greek engineer, Orfeas Moraitis who is reworking the circuitry, including a power amp! But dealing with generic, off the shelf power amps has been seriously inconsistent and a major paine so we are going for our own. The electronics-future is bright.

⁠—Halldór Úlfarsson

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