Beta Update: The Midsection

I probably need a name for this concept guitar…

Work in progress. Many years ago, I designed and built Alpha. Last year, I started working on Beta —a concept guitar made from various hardwoods and Carbon Fiber, that I intend to play around with, as a testing ground for some more innovations, esp. the Infinity project. Here are some pictures of the neck and midsection.

Midsection? Ok, well, unlike Alpha which is a neck-thru design, the Beta neck is technically a bolt-on neck construction. The neck is bolted on to a midsection made from Ash and 6 layers of Carbon Fiber. I believe that the middle section and the neck should be structurally stable and sonically excellent to begin with. The main body will be built around this midsection providing additional resonance as well as housing the electronics. The main body will be 90% Carbon Fiber and 10% wood. Well get to that later…

Some details:

  • Carbon-Glass Truss Rod
  • Embedded SMD LED position indicators
  • M5 Stainless Steel machine bolts + Threaded Inserts
  • Carbon Fiber + Ash Midsection
  • Hard Maple + Adaan + Carbon Fiber Neck
  • Mother of Pearl Inlays
  • Midsection Back
  • Midsection Top
  • Neck-Midsection Back
  • Carbon-Glass Truss Rod Adjust
  • Carbon-Glass Truss Rod Anchor
  • Headstock Top
  • Headstock Back
  • I ♡ Mother of Pearl!
  • Inlays of course!

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