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Update Dec 2020: I know, I know… first it was Slack, then Google Group. I value meaningful discussions, but it’s very hard to keep track of all the information coming in from all over. At one point, I liked it because it sends messages to my email inbox, but Google Groups is showing its age with the clunky interface and it just can’t keep up with the modern way we communicate in real time, allowing rich media, including video clips.

Now, in anticipation of the release of Ascend multichannel plugin software, I decided to move discussions to Discord. I invite you to join:

I hope to see you there!

Most of our discussions happen in our Facebook Group. The forum has served us well, and continue to do so. However, some folks do not have a Facebook account to begin with (nor do they want to have one and for good reason!) and also, recently, some intentionally totally signed out from Facebook. Yet, I always wished there’s a way to connect to everyone. I value meaningful discussions, and I am very open to collaboration. A few months back, I tried Slack. But somehow, it did not grow on me. I find it awkward to have to log in to a website or open an app to engage in the discussions. It’s just not happening.

So… I am shutting down the Slack forum. In the end, I decided to go back to a simple mailing list for discussions. I’m hoping for a more engaging forum for discussing plans, and ongoing developments. It’s especially more important now since I’m writing more Open Source software and C++ libraries. This is a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing interests among like-minded individuals and a place to discuss Cycfi related hardware and software projects.

Click this link and join us!!forum/cycfi-discuss/join

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