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Mailing List

Most of our discussions happen in our Facebook Group. The forum has served us well, and continue to do so. However, some folks do not have a Facebook account to begin with (nor do they want to have one and for good reason!) and also, recently, some intentionally totally signed out from Facebook. Yet, I always wished there’s a way to connect to everyone. I value meaningful discussions, and I am very open to collaboration. A few months back, I tried Slack. But somehow, it did not grow on me. I find it awkward to have to log in to a website or open an app to engage in the discussions. It’s just not happening.

So… I am shutting down the Slack forum. In the end, I decided to go back to a simple mailing list for discussions. I’m hoping for a more engaging forum for discussing plans, and ongoing developments. It’s especially more important now since I’m writing more Open Source software and C++ libraries. This is a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing interests among like-minded individuals and a place to discuss Cycfi related hardware and software projects.

Click this link and join us!!forum/cycfi-discuss/join