Another milestone… The Ascend VPU plugin, the virtual pickups software I’ve been working on, is now at v0.9. Soon, we will be in beta. By then, I’ll need to work with a few courageous souls out there to test it out, suggest patches for presets, etc. Tell me if you are interested! Alas, I’ll have to limit the beta testers to less than 5, so please inform me as soon as you can. I’m sorry, in advance, but I have to limit beta testing to only those who are genuinely interested and willing to spend some time collaborating. You’ll need to know about the technology, in particular, my original Virtual Pickups articles series: part1part2 and part3. You know who you are :-)… If you enjoy sound design, experimenting and tweaking knobs, I definitely welcome some collaboration!

I’ll post more about the tech soon, probably an update to the original Virtual Pickups articles. For now, here’s a quick demo below. Feel free to have your best headset ready or run the video clip through your awesome cool stereo system (I highly suggest listening through studio headphones or reference monitors). I looped a short recording of the low-E string using the Nu-Multi pickup while tweaking various parameters.

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