A picture paints a thousand words… After more than a year in development, starting from my post about this new breed of pickups, here now are some pictures of Nina, our Modula reference guitar. There are three passive Tone Blocks, one per pickup, that allows you to capture that pickup color that you desire, from warm LPs to twangy Teles. The Tone Blocks can be concealed, or placed somewhere inconspicuous. It’s basically designed as a set and forget thing. In this case, I chose to mount them in that awesome looking carbon fiber scratch plate.

We’ve just started! Nina will undergo continuous evolution. For example, that tone knob will be replaced by our new Resonant Filter, almost in the final stages of development. If you liked our original Resonant Filter, the new version, is way beyond cool, with synth-like quality in its frequency and resonance (Q) sweep range!

I’ll provide more details about Nina as well as Meredith soon.

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