Custom Nu Multi

We’re always ready to take your Nu Multi Custom orders. Check out the pictures below for some examples.

How to proceed:

  1. See our standard configurations’ table below. If what you need is already in the table:
    • If the baseboard PCB is on stock, we can immediately build it for you with no additional charges. The estimated lead time is 4 days, minimum, or more depending on availability of the laser-cut baseplate.
    • If the baseboard PCB is not currently available, additional costs include PCB manufacturing for the Nu-Multi baseboard and shipping cost from the PCB manufacturing in Shenzen. Both of these are minimal (est. $15 and $20 respectively). The lead-time typically 4-6 weeks, depending on workload.
  2. If what you require is not in our standard configurations table, or if the baseboard  PCB is not currently available:
    • Send us your exact specifications. Basic specifications may include string spacing, skew angle and possibly, your custom baseplate design including mounting. Pictures and basic design sketches are very welcome.
    • Before manufacturing the parts and materials required for your build, there will be a round of discussions where we send CAD drawings for your approval. 
    • Based on your approved requirements, we will need to layout and manufacture PCBs and provide CADs for laser cutting of the baseplates.
    • The estimated lead time is 4 to 6 weeks for manufacturing. Customization charge is $90/hr (Typically 1 hour, but may vary depending on how your specifications deviate from our standard configurations, especially string spacing). This will cover the cost of the custom CAD and PCB design. This is a one-time fixed fee, regardless how many pickups ordered. The fee also includes baseplate laser cutting for one pickup set.
    • Additional costs include PCB manufacturing for the Nu-Multi baseboard and shipping cost from the PCB manufacturing in Shenzen. Both of these are minimal (est. $25).

Send us a message. Feel free to email us directly at or use our contact page.

Note: The actual pickup cost is not included in the customization cost.

Standard Configurations


ProfilePole SpacingMounting Screw Spacing
Stratocaster10.2 mm77 mm
Half Soapbar 710.2 mm82.50 mm
Half Soapbar 810.2 mm95.20 mm


ProfilePole SpacingMounting Screw Spacing
Jazz 4 string18.6 mm39.78 x 23.2 (Jazz Mount Style)
Jazz 5 String17.5 mm48.76 x 23.876 (Jazz Mount Style)
5 String Half Soapbar17.5 mm102.285 mm
6 String Half Soapbar16 mm 111.94 mm

Note: Half Soapbars have the same length, but half the width of a full size Soapbar. You can fit two Nu Multis in a single 7-string (full) soapbar, or one single-width (e.g. single coil) monophonic pickup and one Nu Multi.

Custom Nu Multi Examples

Nu Multi 7 Skewed Multiscale

Nu Multi 7 Skewed Multiscale 7-string Bass

Left Handed Nu Multi 6 Skewed Multiscale

Nu Multi 9

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