Nu v2 Multi

You’ve been waiting for this. I know! Well, here now is the final production prototype. The Nu v2 Multi is based on the Nu v2 capsules recently announced.

Apart from the totally redesigned Nu v2 capsules, there are a couple of improvements…

First, we reverted to one of the original Nu design conceptualized here: Neo Reloaded. There are no more individual (and extremely tiny!) height adjustment screws for each capsule. Instead, the capsules sit on a 1mm PCB that can slightly flex and held stable by a piece of medium density EVA foam, known for its “rubber-like” softness and flexibility. Two screws at each end of the pickup serve as curvature adjustments.

Second, we’re using standard 2mm pitch headers, instead of the FPC flat cables used in version 1. Why? 1) Durability. The small FPC connectors are rather fragile. I was told by someone from Hirose (a Japanese company specializing in the manufacturing of connectors), that these connectors are designed for internal connections that are not meant to be repeatedly taken apart. And 2) We want them to be hackable. FPC cables are not hackable. We want to be in control and we want our Nu installations to be customizable. Standard 2mm pitch headers are readily available and ideal for easy customization. I will provide details on how to make or hack your own cables.

See images below (click to zoom):


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