Nexus Update: First Batch

Here are some factory images of the first Nexus batch. We’re building a system! And this system is going to be awesome!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Parts for In-Guitar controls and that gorgeous 19-pin multichannel connector.

Mixer Boards!
Neutrik Input/Output 1/4″ Jacks and the MCU boards.
Testing the assembled boards.
This portable Zoom R16 multichannel mixer sure comes in handy for testing!
Test, test and yet more tests. We make sure all the channels are working well and the MIDI controls are doing their thing.
The MIDI boards.
CV switches ready for testing. Main board in the background.
The Main boards!
CV control pots ready for testing.
I really LOVE the looks of that 19-pin connector!
The front and back panels!
The back panels.
Connecting the MIDI board
Installing the Main board and the I/O board.
Getting there!
Almost there!!!
And finally, the complete assembly.

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