Announcing the Nexus


After more than a year of continuous refinement, I’m proud to finally release the Nexus. This small, hacker friendly breakout box connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world using a specialized (LEMO compatible) multi-pin connector for up to 12 channels of audio and 7 channels of analog control voltages for by-wire (remote) control of volume, tone, patch or effects. Audio may come from standard mono-pickups or from the Nu multichannel pickup. Analog control voltages are converted to MIDI control messages.

The Nexus and related support electronics are currently only available on pre-order basis, with a 3 week lead time for the first batch. Please send us a message for inquiries and orders.


Nexus is modular with 4 basic building blocks and ample space for user expansion. All input and output pins are provided for user customization. The diagram below shows the arrangement and signal flow of the 4 modules:

  1. nexus-block-diagramMain Board: Where all signals from the multichannel input as well as control voltages pass through, plus power regulation and conditioning.
  2. Mixer Module: Mixes audio channels to stereo. Each channel can be assigned to either the left or right channel if desired.
  3. MIDI Module: Converts control voltages (CV) from the guitar to MIDI. The basic firmware supports up to 6 analog and 7 digital inputs.
  4. I/O Module: 12 input and output channels where each channel can be configured as an input or output. Typically, these are used to send multichannel audio to your effects, amp, mixer or multichannel audio interface. But, if you do not need all 12 channels, they can also be configured as inputs (e.g. Foot switches and Expression pedals). We use only high quality Neutrik connectors.


We offer the basic kit plus various upgrades you can choose from based on your needs:

  1. Basic Kit ($129): Includes the Main Board and the I/O Module inside an elegant all-aluminum enclosure.
  2. MIDI Module ($69): Control voltage to MIDI converter.
  3. Mixer Module ($69): 12 Channel Audio Mixer to Stereo.

Note: 12 Volt power supply not included in the kits. Use a well regulated power supply suitable for audio. The Main Module includes reverse polarity protection and ultra low-noise regulators plus capacitance multipliers to maintain noise free audio.

Nexus Back Panel

Multichannel Cable

For cabling, we offer a LEMO compatible multichannel cable ($99)

lemo-cableThese are metal, self-latching multipole connectors with an alignment key and gold plated contacts. These connectors are the best I can find. They are robust yet easy to use with its circular profile and push-pull self-latching technology. The connector itself is a mere 15 mm (0.6 inch) in diameter. Well made, robust connectors need not be bulky!


  • Push-Pull self-latching
  • Color coded alignment key
  • Brass (chrome plated) shell and collet nut
  • Nickel plated brass latch sleeve and mid pieces
  • Brass (gold plated) Inserts (contacts)
  • 15 mm diameter (20 mm nut)
  • Multipole 19 pin contacts

In-Guitar Connectivity

To complete the system, for connectivity, we offer multi-pin adapters ($44).

These LEMO compatible connectors are designed for easy installation of the Nu System in your guitar. This is what you need to connect to the Nu’s Internal Breakout.



For your in-guitar controls, we offer a 5-way CV switch ($19) and multi-purpose CV control potentiometer ($15). These controllers generate control voltages that are compatible with the Nexus CV to MIDI converter. We use high grade Bourns potentiometers and high quality ball-bearing equipped switches. The same types we use in our XR system.

Use the 5-way CV switch to send patch/parameter changes to your outboard gear, DAW or just about anything that accepts MIDI. Use one or more Multi-purpose CV control potentiometer to send control voltages for volume, pan, effects, pitch-bend, modulation, etc. Cables included. These controllers are designed to easily connect to the Nu system’s Internal Breakout.

5-way CV Switch

Multi-purpose CV Control Potentiometer




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