Meanwhile, Back in the Nexus Land


I think, the Nexus is just about ready. I got myself a new toy, a cute Zoom R16 8-channel Interface Controller so I can test at the office. The Nexus is connected to the customized Cadbury guitar with 8 channels audio (6 channels Nu, 2 channels XR and Nu-Duo).

Notice the Infinity plugin I am working on. Here’s a closer view of the UI:infinity-uiI actually had to write the GUI framework (named Photon) for that using modern C++14. This time, I ported it to use Cairo for the 2D vector graphics engine (if you know such things, I don’t use Cairo directly, but instead I wrote an HTML5 Canvas inspired C++ API to make it possible to change the backend anytime −this is already the second port, initially from NanoVG).

So here’s what’s inside the Nexus:


At the right, you can see the (optional) MCU board, which runs the software for MIDI control. At the left, you can see the (optional) stereo mixer board piggy-backed on top of the main breakout board. These modules are optional. Some might not need MIDI control. I personally do not need the stereo mixer. We packed the electronics quite tightly, I would say. Notice the ample space for customization! And note the size of the Nexus compared to the 1/2 rack MOTU Micro Lite beneath it.

Hey, look at that, lots and lots of pins available for hacking! I’d route some of the MIDI controls at the back (Expression pedal and bank up/down select). The MCU is coded to to use up to 16 MIDI controllers (6 analog and the 10 digital).

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