The Nu Multi is Here

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The Nu Multi and Internal Breakout are ready to go. Go check out the updated Nu Series Data Sheet. This will be a very limited release of just 10 sets. Needless to say, these will go quickly, so please order now.

This release will still be aimed at serious hackers only. It will not be an easy install (yet). Nu Modules are priced at $24.99 each. Complete basic sets (Nu Multi plus Internal Breakout Board) with standard string-spacing for 6 strings ($199.99), 7 strings ($224.99), and 8 strings ($249.99) are also available. Nu-Multi sets include all necessary FPC connectors.

For custom string spacing and baseplates, we offer the Nu-Multi Custom Pack ($89.99) which includes the Multichannel Output Base which connects to the (included) Internal Breakout Board plus a custom laser-cut baseplate spec’d to your requirements. The Nu-Multi Custom Pack also includes all necessary FPC connectors. Individual Nu Modules are not included in the Nu-Multi Custom Pack. Send us a message for your custom specification.

Oh and BTW, for those who want to go bare-metal, there will be a price reduction for the Nu Capsule from $24.99, now $19.99 each.

See pictures below.


Nu Multi 6


Nu Multi 7


Nu Multi 8


Nu Capsule


Nu Module


Nu Multi Back Exposed


Nu Multi Back with Output Board


Nu Multi7 Set (with Internal Breakout)


Nu-Multi Custom Pack


Internal Breakout