XR Flex Series Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of the XR Flex Series pickups and support electronics, introduced at NAMM 2016.

The Flex Series includes an all-passive “Flex” pickup (available in 6, 7 and 8 string), an Active Volume preamp, and the new “Flex” switch design that takes advantage of the XR’s coil-taps, offering the flexibility of multiple switching configurations with up to 4 inputs, where each input can be an XR Dual or Quad. Such an arrangement covers all the standard configurations seen below (and more!).


For a limited time, we are offering a $35 discount for complete XR Flex sets for SSS, SSH and HH combinations and support electronics. Use coupon code xr-flex-set at checkout. Offer valid until end of March 2016.

SSS XR Flex Set

SSH XR Flex Set

HH Flex Set

The offer applies to complete sets for either the Tone-Blend Variant or the Resonant-Filter Variant.

To avail of the discount, please go to our store and place an order for any of these:

  1. SSS set (three XR Dual Flex)
  2. SSH set (two XR Dual Flex and one XR Quad Flex)
  3. HH set (two XR Quad Flex)

Then, add some support electronics (either the Tone-Blend Variant or the Resonant-Filter Variant): 

Tone-Blend Variant:

The Tone-Blend variant is the most common setup. The blend control is optional in case you don’t need it.

  1. 5-Way Flex Switch
  2. Active Volume Preamp
  3. Tone Control
  4. Blend Control (Optional)
  5. Output Jack
  6. 9 Volt Connector

Resonant Filter Variant:

If you want even more flexibility, the Resonant Filter Variant allows you to dial in the characteristics of virtually any pickup with independent control for cutoff frequency and resonance (Q).

  1. 5-Way Flex Switch
  2. Active Volume Preamp
  3. Resonant Filter
  4. Output Jack
  5. 9 Volt Connector

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