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The Flex Switch and Active Volume


We have a new 5-way “Flex” switch and a new Active Volume Control (with integrated preamplifier). These are designed for the all-passive XR pickups introduced at NAMM 2016. The new “Flex” switch takes advantage of the XR’s coil taps and offers the flexibility of multiple switching configurations in a solderless format. Compared to the older design, the new switch has a lower profile (down to 27mm from 34mm).

The new ‘Active’ Volume Control with integrated ultra-low noise preamp features an onboard gain-trimmer for system optimization. The new volume control too has a smaller circuit-board footprint, with an upgraded 24mm Bourns pot (PDB241-GTR Series) for even smoother action (10 to 45 g-cm Rotational Torque) compared to its predecessor.

The Flex switch includes a user replaceable Config-Block for the tech savvy user who might want to experiment with custom switching. The diagram below illustrates the default switching configuration for various pickup sets (H-H, S-S-H and S-S-S).


The switch can accommodate up to 4 pickups. If you think of an XR Quad Passive as two Dual Passives, this setup allows you to have:

  1. H-H
  2. S-S-H
  3. H-S-S
  4. S-H-S
  5. S-S-S
  6. S-S-S-S

giving you a highly customized setup with the most versatile switching available for the XR series. This setup is compatible with the Tone and Blend Controls as well as the Resonant Filter.