Introducing: The Nu Duo

Nu Duo Production Prototype

At first glance, it looks just like a Nu multichannel pickup set. But look underneath (info-graphic below) and you will notice the difference. It’s the Nu Duo.

What is it for? Well, not everyone needs to have multichannel processing. The Nu’s modular design also makes them perfectly suitable as a mono or stereo source straight to existing gear and guitar amplifiers. It is the optimal solution for multi-scale guitars. Number of strings, string spacing, and pickup angle are not a problem.

The Nu Duo is perfectly suitable for multi-scale guitars with 6, 7, 8 or more strings. Each pickup can connect to one of two output groups using miniature switches (high quality with gold plated contacts) underneath the pickup assembly. Each group has its own preamplifier with individual gain adjustment for fine tuning the balance.



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