Road to Anaheim: Strandberg XRs

These custom Quad-coil XR7’s are going to NAMM 2016. They will be installed in a Boden OS7 from Strandberg Guitarworks that is to be displayed at their booth (#3383, Hall-D). This pickup system features some new design elements. To begin, instead of having individual preamplifiers for each pickup, the passive Lo-Z signal from the XR7’s will be amplified by a single master-preamplifier integrated with the the volume control (to be announced soon). In addition the Boden will get a new configurable 5-way switch (another new product to be announced) capable of coil-tap switching that takes full advantage of the XR quad coils.

xr5These guys will sport skewed (oblique) pole pieces with different angles for the bridge and neck pickups to follow the natural multi-scale angles more closely. Go ahead and click the pictures to zoom in! I’m always proud to show the details. We pay very close attention to detail!



The footprint will follow an EMG 7-string soapbar route. This time, we will use a black base plate. The photoshop mock image below illustrates how I envision a Boden will look like with these XRs. The mocked image has a dual-row Nu at the bridge, instead of XRs —something I’m really excited about. While the image below is a Boden OS8, you get the idea. I tried various schemes for retrofitting soapbar routes, but in the end, simplicity wins.



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