Nu Update: Mounting the Modules

Nu-Multi-AngledLast time, I hinted at ways to mount the pickups. Surely, a guitar builder will find a zillion ways to mount these modules. I’ve had inquiries, not only from Guitars builders but from Violin and Cello builders too! I bet these builders have cool ideas how to mount these bad boys. Here are some examples. Images convey a lot of information, so here again are some 3D renderings for your perusal. Click the images to zoom in!

Which one do you prefer? Comments and suggestions welcome (in the comments box below or in our FB forum).

Body Mounting

Probably the simplest scheme. A common base plate mounts a row of Nu modules. The two mounting screws can double as main height adjustment. Allow for ample room at the bottom for the FPC connectors (see Nu Update: Modular Design). For optimal performance, the pickups should be 1mm from the strings, so the pickups in this image might be set deeper than typical. The modules are around 10mm tall.

Body Mounted

Concealed Body Mounting

It is possible to conceal the two mounting screws with some clever arrangement. The images below should be self-explanatory.

Body Mounted Concealed
Body Mounted Concealed Exploded

Frame Mounted

I may be a bit conservative when it comes to aesthetics. Somehow, Les Paul style mounting (below) is still my favorite. A slight variation of this, where the pickup itself is body mounted like above, and the purpose of the frame is to simply cover the assembly, might be an interesting idea. That way, the pickup is not attached to the frame, and if you want to do some adjustments, you can simply take off the cover/frame. It might even be possible to use small magnets or small concealed snap-fasteners for mounting the frame for a sleek no-screws look.

Frame Mounted
Frame Mounted Exploded


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