More XRs Coming

The XRs, especially the XR8s and XR6s, are often out of stock. They sell out quickly! So sorry about that 🙁 My intention is to have a steady stream of XRs. As you know, these are handmade pickups crafted with meticulous attention to detail. We can only manufacture a limited number of these pickups per batch, but we’re trying our best to keep up and produce more.

PDB181-GTR_SPLIt’s been crazy though. We also needed to produce support electronics for these. One big stumbling block, and one that we’re still struggling with, is the supply of some parts. One crucial component, the one we use for Volume, Tone and Blend control, the Bourns PDB181-GTR01 25K potentiometer went out of stock and has been out of stock for almost two months now. We couldn’t find them anywhere! Anywhere I look, they will be back in stock by January 1, at the earliest.

I love the solid feel and quality of these pots, and I can’t settle for anything less. In the end, I went for its bigger brother, the PDB241-GTR01 25K. The downside is that we had to redesign a PCB for these. Oh well. I guess these are the things builders deal with all the time.


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