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Sato Koetsu’s Guitar

I have high regard and affection for anything Japanese. I love the people. I love the food. I love the unique culture, Japanese music, arts and certainly their craftsmanship. I often spend time inspecting and appreciating both ancient and modern woodwork, and especially their wonderful musical instruments (both old and new). We lived in Japan for almost a decade (two of my children were “Made In Japan” when I was working there as a software engineer) and somehow the culture and the people molded me in ways I can only be thankful for.

Here’s a lovely guitar build by Sato Koetsu using three Cycfi XR Dual Active 6 pickups plus electronics. All black wiring with an acrylic pickguard. Sperzel locking-tuners with Schaller barrel-buttons. Warmoth Wenge neck with Ebony fingerboard. Two piece spalted buckeye body, stained white a bit, and oil finished. Wilkinson wvp6 bridge.

Do you have a Cyci XR equipped guitar? C’mon and share some pictures! I’d love to post them here!  🙂