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Cycfi XR paired with a Cycfi Nu!
Cycfi XR paired with a Cycfi Nu

It’s taking shape! That’s a lovely pair in a humbucker width configuration. You already know the XRs, they’ve been the focus of our recent developments, but the other guy has an identity crisis. I hinted at “Cycfi XR Plus”, but people didn’t like it. Charles Richardson comments: “It doesn’t distinguish the product enough from the mono version”. I really love the name Neo, but I need to change the name to avoid any potential trademark conflicts.

So I decided to rename the Neos to simply Nu: the alternative spelling of new. It is the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet and is used as a symbol for the frequency of a wave in physics and other fields. I think it is most appropriate and cool!

You can match a Nu with an XR to get the best of both worlds. You have a monophonic pickup that you can connect to just about any amp, and a cutting-edge multichannel setup. Both pickups have extended 20Hz to 20kHz response.