Oblique Quad 8s

Neo Aura 8 Oblique
Cycfi XR 8 Oblique

Before we finally get these pickups released into the wild, here’s something to whet your appetite. Notice the oblique orientation of this Quad 8 string. This one is designed for an 8 string multiscale guitar with a 12 degree pickup slant. The modular pickups allow us to skew the angles such that the poles are still perfectly aligned with the strings.

The second set of this H-H combination has an 8 degree slant (picture below). This one boasts a custom coil-tap switch for single/double-width switching for that extra tonal variation (we use high quality mini toggles with gold-plated contacts). The same coil-taps can be utilised for even more elaborate switching and blending such as continuously variable mixing, phase switching and phase blending as well as tweaking the resonant frequency by means of a parallel capacitor (more on these customisation options soon!).

Singe/Double width coil-tap and switch.
Singe/Double width coil-tap and switch.

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