Neo Reloaded

Neo 6 Six-channel pickup

This month, we stopped production of the original Neos in anticipation of the new Neos. We have a new version coming out with much improved specs and features:

  1. Greater than 8x crosstalk performance than the original -54dB vs -38dB with permalloy shields and active crosstalk cancellation. Far exceeds the Roland GK3 which measures at -45dB crosstalk, with proper installation.
  2. Better looks with each coil encapsulated in resin so the pickup looks pretty as-is without the need for an enclosure. We value aesthetics!
  3. Curvature adjustment (small screws at each side) makes it easy to have the pickup conform to the bridge/neck curvature of your guitar. This will further enhance signal and crosstalk performance.
  4. Easier to integrate and install in a guitar. Following the lead of the Cycfi XR, we will include all necessary components and connectors, all solder free plug and play.
Neo 8 Eigth-channel pickup
Neo 8 Eight-channel pickup
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