Lotsa Coils!


We got the initial batch of our custom-designed coils from Chipsen!

  • 1300 turns (0.040mm, AWG 46)
  • 10mH
  • 450Ω D.C. Impedance (Max),
  • 20Hz-20kHz flat frequency response
  • 9mm diameter, 5mm height.

With the low-Z coils, the frequency response goes way beyond the human hearing range into the ultrasonic range. We band-limit the range to about 160KHz to filter out unwanted high frequency noise.

The coils are vacuum potted with epoxy and individually wrapped with pressure sensitive pickup-coil tape. Each coil sits on its own castellated PCB base. PCB Castellation is a neat trick. The plated half-round vias at the edges make it easy to surface mount the coil assembly into the main PCB.

Castellated PCB Coil Base
Castellated PCB Coil Base
Coil with base drawing
Coil with Base drawing



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