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Spirit C++

Some of you probably know that I am a C++ programmer. I am a consultant at Ciere Consulting. I am a strong advocate of Open Source since 1998. I am active contributor to the Boost libraries, a peer-reviewed, open collaborative development effort. I am the author of Boost.Spirit, Boost.Fusion and Boost.Phoenix. This is my C++ Now 2013 talk “Joel de Guzman: Inside Spirit X3: Redesigning Boost.Spirit for C++11”.

I know… this hasn’t got anything to do with guitars 🙂 but this is the other side of me anyway…




I'll watch this through eventually. In the meantime, I'd just like to say that it's great to see the amazing Joel being so amazing even without a guitar in hand.

Haha. I'll tell you, I feel very insecure without the guitar. If only I'm even half as good as the splendid Brian! 🙂