Wake up call

This thread on “Alternate Matarials” has been a wake up call. I need to be more active with this project. Two years ago, I was quite enthusiastic to get this project going into (at least) limited production. Yet, building a prototype is one thing and going into production is another thing. It has always been like one more month and it’ll be ready. But months go by and more hurdles come my way. Not to mention that I only do this project on the side and my main occupation as a C++ developer takes the most of my time.

To those who expressed interest in this project, thank you very much! The project is very much still alive. It’s just taking more time than I initially anticipated. I’ve learned so much now than when I started embarking on this project with its rather optimistic goals. Hopefully, I can devote more time and attention to this project and push it beyond the prototype stage, and along the way, share my thoughts and experiences.

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11 years ago

Hi Joel,

My name is Paul, I've talked to you about your guitar before, specifically about the fixed bridge and the midi pickups. I would like to partner up with you and take care of the production side here in California. Please get in touch with me if you are serious about this project.


949 777 5695

11 years ago

Sorry, I misspelled the domain name of my website.

11 years ago

Hi Joel nice to hear from you again after almost two years, good luck with the proyect.

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