Nu Capsule

The Nu Series Modular Active Pickups are hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications.

Nu Multi

The Nu Multi is a complete multi-channel pickup comprised of multiple Nu Capsules in a familiar 'single-coil' form factor.


The Nexus-GK is a flexible, and hacker friendly breakout box that connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world.

News and Updates

Manufacturing Thor: Part 7

Here’s how our fret cutting tool works. A laser-cut acrylic template with fret position slots aligns with a 3mm pin. The fret slots are cut on a small rotary saw with a titanium coated circular saw blade with a cutting width of 0.5mm.

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Manufacturing Thor: Part 6B

After posting Manufacturing about Thor’s Compound Radius Fretboard, I was pointed to an article by Mottola stating that compound radius fretboards are not worth the extra effort and that cylindrical fretboards and normal fret dressing techniques yield the same results. I went on to analyze this claim.

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Manufacturing Thor: Part 6

Thor’s fretboard has a compound radius, with a nut radius of 304 mm (12′′) and a 24th fret radius of 456 mm (18′′). Compound radius fretboards have a conical surface that allows for low action and no string buzz.

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Manufacturing Thor: Part 5

Manufacturing Thor Part 5: The Neck Duplicator​: How do you quickly produce repeatably precise necks without using a CNC? We made our own wood carving duplicator for just this purpose. It works like a charm. It enables us to copy a master pattern in amazing detail using a compact router on one side and a stylus on the other.

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Manufacturing Thor: Part 4

Part 4: The Nut​: OK, So… Your frets are metal. Your tuning machines are metal. Your bridge is metal. And your nut is… eh… plastic? Bone? Or some kind of synthetic material resembling bone? The nut we use for Thor is made of laser-cut stainless steel, buffed to perfection. It matches the sonic and mechanical properties of Thor’s stainless-steel frets.

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Manufacturing Thor: Part 3

Part 3: Manufacturing The Middle Section Previously, I wrote about the design of the Thor’s middle section. This time, we’ll look at how the middle section is

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Manufacturing Thor: Part 2

Part 2: Designing The Middle Section This post describes the design of Thor’s body’s middle section. The design incorporates both traditional and innovative design elements.

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Beyond Infinity

Allow me to present Infinity — the electronics inside Thor that handle polysustain (infinite multichannel sustain). Three modules, including power conditioning, signal conditioning, microcontroller, and

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Touch Guitar

If I were to re-learn the guitar, I’d learn touch guitar. I learned the keyboard before the guitar, and it just makes sense. The two-handed

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XR-Spectra v2 Fresh Batch batch took a long time to finish. Logistics were a mess, plagued by delays. Apart from that, I have to admit that we had

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Price Rollback

Easter 2022. We’re rolling back prices to pre-Covid rates and beyond. An Easter gift to everyone. We’ve streamlined our operations for 2022. And by doing

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Nu Multi 10

If we can do 4, of course, we can also do 10! Here’s a custom Nu Multi 10. All-black matte finish. Facebook Comments

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Nu Multi 4 Update

This custom single-coil Precision Bass Nu Multi 4 is looking good! For the baseplate, this time we went for “brushed” acrylic with a unidirectional satin

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A Thousand Coils

Here’s a rare peek into the insides of a thousand Nu Capsules in various stages of completion before epoxy encapsulation. The Nu Capsules are small hacker

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Nu Multi 4

It seems we’re making more custom Nu Multi pickups for bass these days. This one is for a single-coil Precision Bass format. It probably makes

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