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Nu Update: Roland 13 Pin Adaptor

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You’ve been asking for this for a long time now. A gift to the Roland aficionado. Finally, a Roland 13 Pin Adaptor for the Nu Series Modular Active Pickups.

FPC Receptacles

  1. CH1-4 – Nu Multi Channel 1 to Channel 4 In
  2. CH5-6 – Nu Multi Channel 5 to Channel 6 In
  3. 1 & 2 – 13P FPC Receptacle

6P Male Headers

  1. S1 – Switch 1 Input
  2. S2 – Switch 2 Input
  3. GND – Ground Pin
  4. MONO – Guitar Mono In
  5. GK-VOL – Volume Control
  6. GND – Ground Pin

2×4 Male Power Pins

  1. GND – Ground Pins
  2. 5V – 5V Regulated Power Pins
  3. -VE – (-)7V Power Pins
  4. +VE – (+)7V Power Pins

Announcing the Nexus

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After more than a year of continuous refinement, I’m proud to finally release the Nexus. This small, hacker friendly breakout box connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world using a specialized (LEMO compatible) multi-pin connector for up to 12 channels of audio and 7 channels of analog control voltages for by-wire (remote) control of volume, tone, patch or effects. Audio may come from standard mono-pickups or from the Nu multichannel pickup. Analog control voltages are converted to MIDI control messages.

The Nexus and related support electronics are currently only available on pre-order basis, with a 3 week lead time for the first batch. Please send us a message for inquiries and orders.

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Where’s the XR Flex Set?

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With the XR series launch, we are offering a $35 discount for complete XR Flex sets for SSS, SSH and HH combinations and support electronics. I had a query from someone wondering where he can get the “XR Flex sets”.  I decided to post my reply here to make it clear.

To avail of the discount, please go to our store and place an order for any of these:

  1. SSS set (three XR Dual Flex)
  2. SSH set (two XR Dual Flex and one XR Quad Flex)
  3. HH set (two XR Quad Flex)

Then, add some support electronics: either the Tone-Blend Variant or the Resonant-Filter Variant. The Tone-Blend variant is the most common setup. To make it even easier, I made the blend control optional (I’m sure some of you don’t need it). Tone-Blend Variant:

  1. 5-Way Flex Switch
  2. Active Volume Preamp
  3. Tone Control
  4. Blend Control (Optional)
  5. Output Jack
  6. 9 Volt Connector

If you want even more flexibility, the Resonant Filter Variant allows you to dial in the characteristics of virtually any pickup with independent control for cutoff frequency and resonance (Q):

  1. 5-Way Flex Switch
  2. Active Volume Preamp
  3. Resonant Filter
  4. Output Jack
  5. 9 Volt Connector

Finally, at checkout, use coupon code xr-flex-set . Again, offer valid until end of March 2016.

XR Series Pickups Now Available On Continuous Basis

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The Cycfi XR series pickups have been very well received and as a result our past manufacturing runs have sold out very quickly. It is our pleasure to announce that we are now able to supply the Cycfi XR’s on a continuous basis to meet the demand of musicians worldwide. The pickups and peripheral components can be found here. This is an exciting time for us and we owe a great deal to our enthusiastic supporters, thank you all!


The XRs are Back

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batchWe are pleased to announce that our second production run of the Cycfi XR series is now available for purchase at We have worked very hard on perfecting their design and manufacturing process while maintaining meticulous attention to detail. Much time has been spent testing the pickups along with the support infrastructure. In the end, we have a product that we are truly proud of; something that we consider a true work of art and an engineering masterpiece. As before, this production run is limited, but we intend to provide a continuous supply as dictated by demand.

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An amazing reception for Cycfi XR pickups

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Thank you all for your enthusiastic response to the release of our Cycfi XR series pickups! Due to the overwhelming demand we have sold out of the XR 6 and XR 8 pickups (both Dual and Quad) in record time. We still have a limited stock of our XR 7’s as well as support electronics still available. For those desiring sold out items we will be conducting a pre-sale giving those pre-sale customers priority orders for the next production run. We will be making an announcement soon about the commencement of the pre-sale. Thank you again!

Extended Response is Here

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We are pleased to announce the official debut release of our Cycfi XR series extended response pickups! The production models consist of 6, 7 and 8 string versions of both our XR dual-coil humbuckers (single width rout) and our XR quad-coil humbuckers (HB width rout). Support electronics for easy solderless installation are now available as well to complete the XR pickup system. The initial production run is limited to 40 pickups and will sell out quickly, so we encourage you to visit as soon as possible to ensure you’re among the vanguard adopting this exciting pickup technology.

Please note, we are also now offering á la carte options allowing you to configure systems limited only by your imagination. In addition we are accepting custom orders, broadening the palette of options even further to suit the requirements of unique builds. Contact us for specific details pertaining to your individual needs.