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Complete XR Flex Sets 25% Off Starting Father’s Day

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Beginning Father’s Day, Cycfi Research is pleased to offer a 25% discount on complete systems featuring our XR Flex Series extended-range pickups. The discount applies to the purchase of our pre-configured XR Flex systems including S-S-S (3 XR Dual pickups) or H-H (2 XR Quad Pickups) for 6, 7, and 8 string instruments. In addition to the pickups, systems include a 5-way switch, Active Volume, Blend or Tone Control, Output Jack, 9V battery clip and all necessary cables and hardware. Complete systems with the Resonant Filter are also available.

The new discounted XR Series pickup-system pricing kicks off Sunday June 18, and will continue until new pricing is announced. Come and visit our store.

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Beyond the Guitar

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The Halldorophone

It’s amazing what creative minds can come up with. There is exciting innovation everywhere, and it is not limited to the guitar. I thought violin (and cello) builders are the most conservative. After all they’ve “perfected” the violin construction and wouldn’t care for anything more beyond that, right? Well, no…

Meet Halldór Úlfarsson and his invention, the Halldorophone —a Cello-ish electro acoustic string instrument designed to facilitate feedback on the strings. The Halldorophone features 8 strings (for the newer models). 4 on top and 4 resonator/harmonizing strings under the fingerboard. This kinda reminds me of the Hardanger fiddle with sympathetic “understrings” that resonate under the influence of the other four.

Each string has its own pickup, now using the Nu multichannel pickups on the latest models.

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XR Flex Series Launch

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We are proud to announce the launch of the XR Flex Series pickups and support electronics, introduced at NAMM 2016.

The Flex Series includes an all-passive “Flex” pickup (available in 6, 7 and 8 string), an Active Volume preamp, and the new “Flex” switch design that takes advantage of the XR’s coil-taps, offering the flexibility of multiple switching configurations with up to 4 inputs, where each input can be an XR Dual or Quad. Such an arrangement covers all the standard configurations seen below (and more!).


For a limited time, we are offering a $35 discount for complete XR Flex sets for SSS, SSH and HH combinations and support electronics. Use coupon code xr-flex-set at checkout. Offer valid until end of March 2016.


SSS XR Flex Set

SSH XR Flex Set


HH Flex Set

The offer applies to complete sets for either the Tone-Blend Variant or the Resonant-Filter Variant.

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The Flex Switch and Active Volume

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We have a new 5-way “Flex” switch and a new Active Volume Control (with integrated preamplifier). These are designed for the all-passive XR pickups introduced at NAMM 2016. The new “Flex” switch takes advantage of the XR’s coil taps and offers the flexibility of multiple switching configurations in a solderless format. Compared to the older design, the new switch has a lower profile (down to 27mm from 34mm).

The new ‘Active’ Volume Control with integrated ultra-low noise preamp features an onboard gain-trimmer for system optimization. The new volume control too has a smaller circuit-board footprint, with an upgraded 24mm Bourns pot (PDB241-GTR Series) for even smoother action (10 to 45 g-cm Rotational Torque) compared to its predecessor.

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Nu Update: Hitching a ride to NAMM 2016

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Ricky Graham is truly a 21st century guitar player. As a composer and Assistant Professor of Music and Technology at Stevens Institute of Technology, modern 21st century gear such as a multichannel audio interface and a laptop running Pure Data, are a crucial part of his sonic arsenal. This 8-string Nu set will be on its way to Ricky, after hitching a ride to NAMM 2016 along with some of its XR siblings. Go forth and make some music!


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Road to Anaheim Pt. 3 – Crystal Clear

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Going to NAMM 2016? Take some time to check out our pickups and support electronics from the inside and out. This demo XR-8 (eight string) system is going Anaheim and is installed in a laser-cut pickguard to showcase our build quality. Like the ones installed in the Strandberg Boden OS7 and Matt Szlachta’s Legator, this set sports all-passive Lo-Z coils along with our new 5-way switch, ‘active’ Bourns® volume control pot, and our active resonant filter. The new 5-way “Flex” switch takes advantage of the XR’s coil taps and offers the flexibility of multiple switching configurations in a solderless format. The new ‘active’ volume control with integrated ultra-low noise preamp features an onboard gain-trimmer for system optimization. Send us a message if you’d like to schedule a time to have a look and please take a moment to visit the Strandberg Guitars booth (#3383, Hall D) and see a comparable 7 string set in action. We hope to see you there!




Road to Anaheim: Strandberg XRs

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These custom Quad-coil XR7’s are going to NAMM 2016. They will be installed in a Boden OS7 from Strandberg Guitarworks that is to be displayed at their booth (#3383, Hall-D). This pickup system features some new design elements. To begin, instead of having individual preamplifiers for each pickup, the passive Lo-Z signal from the XR7’s will be amplified by a single master-preamplifier integrated with the the volume control (to be announced soon). In addition the Boden will get a new configurable 5-way switch (another new product to be announced) capable of coil-tap switching that takes full advantage of the XR quad coils.

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