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Look, 9-String NUs! Are you ready? Take note of the custom string spacing for the Neck and Bridge pickups. These guys will be installed in a custom 9-String Strandberg with radical multiscale slants going up to 25° for the bridge pickup. The Neck pickup is a Nu-Duo, while the bridge pickup is a Nu-Multi.Strandberg_Drawing

You’ve been waiting for this, and so at long last, the Nu Multis as well as the Duos are ready for release (to be announced). Initial production run will be very limited to just 10 sets (including the internal breakout).

One quick observation: I just realized, while looking at the pic, that a multiscale, angled multichannel pickup at the bridge should improve crosstalk even more because the actual capsules are spaced farther apart.


Meet Cadbury

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Meet Cadbury, another test guitar. This one looks prettier than its old battered friend, Iron Man. Cadbury is fitted with a Quad XR at the neck, a Nu-multi paired with a Nu-Duo at the bridge, a multi-pin LEMO compatible connector set, and By-Wire MIDI control (*). The Nu system is currently being subjected to a lot of tests to ensure everything is in top-notch condition before we finally(!) release them into the wild. So far, everything is looking good!

(*By-Wire MIDI control simply means I send control voltages through the wire which are converted to MIDI which then controls volume, EQ, modulation, etc., as well as patch change, remotely on target effects boxes, the DAW or just about anything else with MIDI control.)


Cadbury Test Guitar


LEMO Compatible Multipin Connectors


The Nexus!

Introducing: The Nu Duo

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Nu Duo Production Prototype

At first glance, it looks just like a Nu multichannel pickup set. But look underneath (info-graphic below) and you will notice the difference. It’s the Nu Duo.

What is it for? Well, not everyone needs to have multichannel processing. The Nu’s modular design also makes them perfectly suitable as a mono or stereo source straight to existing gear and guitar amplifiers. It is the optimal solution for multi-scale guitars. Number of strings, string spacing, and pickup angle are not a problem.

The Nu Duo is perfectly suitable for multi-scale guitars with 6, 7, 8 or more strings. Each pickup can connect to one of two output groups using miniature switches (high quality with gold plated contacts) underneath the pickup assembly. Each group has its own preamplifier with individual gain adjustment for fine tuning the balance.

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