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Toggle Switch Hub

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As those who follow our products know, we have had options for users of the classic 5-way blade switch since the release of the XR series. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the versatility of the XR series even further with a solderless option for those who wish to use the LP style 3-way toggle switch. Our 3-way Toggle Switch Hub serves as the central connection point for XR pickup systems and offers the versatility of customizable switching options.

The versatile design of the hub allows for connection of 2 XR Active Series pickups (2 Quads, 2 Duals or 1 of each) and numerous control configurations including:

  • 1-Vol 1-Tone,
  • 1-Vol 2-Tone,
  • 2-Vol 2-Tone
  • 1-Vol + Resonant Filter

The Toggle Switch Hub is now available at for $9.99 USD (switch not included). Learn how to install the Hub here.

Note: The Toggle Switch Hub is compatible with the XR Active Series pickup systems only.

Skewed Lefty Anyone?

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Left-Handed Quad XR Flex Pickups

We are now (officially) offering custom baseplate Laser-Cutting service. You get two custom baseplates for the minimal $15 service fee. The baseplates are precision cut based on your specifications and individually hand-buffed to perfection. Send us your specifications: and we will send you back a CAD drawing (DPF and DXF) for confirmation (see example below).

See XR Custom Baseplate Laser-Cutting Service


Bringing a 60th Anniversary Strat into the 21st Century

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When the owner of this lovely 60th Anniversary MIM Strat asked us to outfit it with an XR system we couldn’t wait! This particular iteration of the Strat didn’t stray far from the original design from 1954. It seemed fitting to upgrade it, and bring it 60+ years into the future to showcase the advances in technology since the days of the originals. Enjoy this visual tour of the installation and final results.


Fender 60th Anniversary Strat in Blizzard Pearl finish after being equipped with a custom XR loaded pickguard.

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Virtual Pickups Revisited

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A little background: I’ve written a series of articles before about Virtual Pickups and how they are implemented in software (DSP). It’s a three part series: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. I wrote about Standing Waves, Nodes, Antinodes and Pickup Position, Comb Filters, some underlying Math and Simulation in DSP code. I also presented what I thought was a minimal interface I really like.

Infinity_GUIIt has taken a while (I can’t believe it has been almost 2 years now!), and now I’m back to writing the software. What has transpired since then? Production of the XR and the Nu took the most of our time and I’m left with very little time to do what we I best: R&D. Now that the Nu is out, it makes sense to go back, pick up and continue where we left off, starting with the GUI.

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Lovely Baseplates

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Laser-cut and hand-buffed to perfection, these skewed 8-string baseplates are ready to go!

When I look at a product —anything at all; furniture, a gadget, handcrafted guitar, etc., I look at what’s inside first —the things that you don’t normally see. I gauge the quality of a product by inspecting how well it is made from the inside. I value attention to detail a lot, and this should reflect in what we do, even if it’s a simple baseplate that will be kept hidden after installation. In my mind, I think of someone like myself in the future, looking at the pickup with a smile and saying to himself “wow, those are lovely baseplates”.


XR Customization Guide: Free-Way Switch

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Free-Way_Pickup_SwitchThe Free-Way switch is an interesting device that gives Gibson style guitars, with that distinctive toggle switch, the versatility of the Fender Stratocaster’s 5-way switch and possibly more. The Free-Way switch gives you 6 combinations —twice more than the standard 3-way toggle switch: “A whole new dimension in natural tone”. In this guide, we will show you how to incorporate the Free-Way switch into the XR-Flex system. For our purpose, we will implement the first diagram in the guide (HH Coil Split 2V2T). This configuration gives us this switching scheme:


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Look, 9-String NUs! Are you ready? Take note of the custom string spacing for the Neck and Bridge pickups. These guys will be installed in a custom 9-String Strandberg with radical multiscale slants going up to 25° for the bridge pickup. The Neck pickup is a Nu-Duo, while the bridge pickup is a Nu-Multi.Strandberg_Drawing

You’ve been waiting for this, and so at long last, the Nu Multis as well as the Duos are ready for release (to be announced). Initial production run will be very limited to just 10 sets (including the internal breakout).

One quick observation: I just realized, while looking at the pic, that a multiscale, angled multichannel pickup at the bridge should improve crosstalk even more because the actual capsules are spaced farther apart.


Meet Cadbury

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Meet Cadbury, another test guitar. This one looks prettier than its old battered friend, Iron Man. Cadbury is fitted with a Quad XR at the neck, a Nu-multi paired with a Nu-Duo at the bridge, a multi-pin LEMO compatible connector set, and By-Wire MIDI control (*). The Nu system is currently being subjected to a lot of tests to ensure everything is in top-notch condition before we finally(!) release them into the wild. So far, everything is looking good!

(*By-Wire MIDI control simply means I send control voltages through the wire which are converted to MIDI which then controls volume, EQ, modulation, etc., as well as patch change, remotely on target effects boxes, the DAW or just about anything else with MIDI control.)


Cadbury Test Guitar


LEMO Compatible Multipin Connectors


The Nexus!