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Look, 9-String NUs! Are you ready? Take note of the custom string spacing for the Neck and Bridge pickups. These guys will be installed in a custom 9-String Strandberg with radical multiscale slants going up to 25° for the bridge pickup. The Neck pickup is a Nu-Duo, while the bridge pickup is a Nu-Multi.Strandberg_Drawing

You’ve been waiting for this, and so at long last, the Nu Multis as well as the Duos are ready for release (to be announced). Initial production run will be very limited to just 10 sets (including the internal breakout).

One quick observation: I just realized, while looking at the pic, that a multiscale, angled multichannel pickup at the bridge should improve crosstalk even more because the actual capsules are spaced farther apart.


Meet Cadbury

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Meet Cadbury, another test guitar. This one looks prettier than its old battered friend, Iron Man. Cadbury is fitted with a Quad XR at the neck, a Nu-multi paired with a Nu-Duo at the bridge, a multi-pin LEMO compatible connector set, and By-Wire MIDI control (*). The Nu system is currently being subjected to a lot of tests to ensure everything is in top-notch condition before we finally(!) release them into the wild. So far, everything is looking good!

(*By-Wire MIDI control simply means I send control voltages through the wire which are converted to MIDI which then controls volume, EQ, modulation, etc., as well as patch change, remotely on target effects boxes, the DAW or just about anything else with MIDI control.)


Cadbury Test Guitar


LEMO Compatible Multipin Connectors


The Nexus!

Where’s the XR Flex Set?

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With the XR series launch, we are offering a $35 discount for complete XR Flex sets for SSS, SSH and HH combinations and support electronics. I had a query from someone wondering where he can get the “XR Flex sets”.  I decided to post my reply here to make it clear.

To avail of the discount, please go to our store and place an order for any of these:

  1. SSS set (three XR Dual Flex)
  2. SSH set (two XR Dual Flex and one XR Quad Flex)
  3. HH set (two XR Quad Flex)

Then, add some support electronics: either the Tone-Blend Variant or the Resonant-Filter Variant. The Tone-Blend variant is the most common setup. To make it even easier, I made the blend control optional (I’m sure some of you don’t need it). Tone-Blend Variant:

  1. 5-Way Flex Switch
  2. Active Volume Preamp
  3. Tone Control
  4. Blend Control (Optional)
  5. Output Jack
  6. 9 Volt Connector

If you want even more flexibility, the Resonant Filter Variant allows you to dial in the characteristics of virtually any pickup with independent control for cutoff frequency and resonance (Q):

  1. 5-Way Flex Switch
  2. Active Volume Preamp
  3. Resonant Filter
  4. Output Jack
  5. 9 Volt Connector

Finally, at checkout, use coupon code xr-flex-set . Again, offer valid until end of March 2016.

XR Flex Series Launch

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We are proud to announce the launch of the XR Flex Series pickups and support electronics, introduced at NAMM 2016.

The Flex Series includes an all-passive “Flex” pickup (available in 6, 7 and 8 string), an Active Volume preamp, and the new “Flex” switch design that takes advantage of the XR’s coil-taps, offering the flexibility of multiple switching configurations with up to 4 inputs, where each input can be an XR Dual or Quad. Such an arrangement covers all the standard configurations seen below (and more!).


For a limited time, we are offering a $35 discount for complete XR Flex sets for SSS, SSH and HH combinations and support electronics. Use coupon code xr-flex-set at checkout. Offer valid until end of March 2016.


SSS XR Flex Set

SSH XR Flex Set


HH Flex Set

The offer applies to complete sets for either the Tone-Blend Variant or the Resonant-Filter Variant.

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XR [Flex] Installation Guide

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Config110-FullViewAnticipating the upcoming release of the XR Flex system, I proudly present the XR [Flex] Installation Guide. We care passionately about flexibility and ease of use, and that should reflect in our manuals as well!

XR [Flex] Installation Guide →

The new system includes new 5-way “Flex” switch and a new Active Volume Control (with integrated preamplifier) as well as the the all-passive XR pickups introduced at NAMM 2016. The Flex system gives you the most versatile switching option available for the XR series.

XR Soapbars

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These new XRs with soapbar baseplates will join the XR family very soon. The pickups will be available in both active and passive configurations (for both half and full sizes). Introduced in NAMM 2016, the passive versions are designed for the new Flex switch and active volume control giving you the most versatile switching available for the XR series. The passive versions will be available in the standard PAF-style and Strat-style baseplates as well. More information to follow.

The Flex Switch and Active Volume

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We have a new 5-way “Flex” switch and a new Active Volume Control (with integrated preamplifier). These are designed for the all-passive XR pickups introduced at NAMM 2016. The new “Flex” switch takes advantage of the XR’s coil taps and offers the flexibility of multiple switching configurations in a solderless format. Compared to the older design, the new switch has a lower profile (down to 27mm from 34mm).

The new ‘Active’ Volume Control with integrated ultra-low noise preamp features an onboard gain-trimmer for system optimization. The new volume control too has a smaller circuit-board footprint, with an upgraded 24mm Bourns pot (PDB241-GTR Series) for even smoother action (10 to 45 g-cm Rotational Torque) compared to its predecessor.

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Introducing: The Nu Duo

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Nu Duo Production Prototype

At first glance, it looks just like a Nu multichannel pickup set. But look underneath (info-graphic below) and you will notice the difference. It’s the Nu Duo.

What is it for? Well, not everyone needs to have multichannel processing. The Nu’s modular design also makes them perfectly suitable as a mono or stereo source straight to existing gear and guitar amplifiers. It is the optimal solution for multi-scale guitars. Number of strings, string spacing, and pickup angle are not a problem.

The Nu Duo is perfectly suitable for multi-scale guitars with 6, 7, 8 or more strings. Each pickup can connect to one of two output groups using miniature switches (high quality with gold plated contacts) underneath the pickup assembly. Each group has its own preamplifier with individual gain adjustment for fine tuning the balance.

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Nu Capsule Now Available

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nu-capsule-shortNow that the hectic preparation for NAMM, and the show itself, is behind us we are excited to return our focus to the Nu product line. As the first step, we are pleased to announce that the Nu capsule is now available for purchase at our online store. The Nu Capsule is designed to be PCB mounted and is intended for the tech savvy end-user with a flair for DIY projects and skills with a soldering iron. For those looking for a less demanding solution, stay tuned for the release of the Nu Module which should be soon to follow. (Learn more about the distinction here.) Thank you all as always for your continued support!

The Nu Series Modular Active Pickups are hacker friendly, general purpose pickups that can be used in a variety of applications. These are active multichannel pickups with low impedance coils and integrated single-ended, low-power, low-noise preamplifier for each coil. These low-profile, Neodymium-core pickups are modular and can be used individually or in groups.

Learn more about the Nu Series Modular Active Pickups →