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Nu Update and Road Map

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Nu-ActivesThe Nu modular pickup is ready. It’s been ready for quite some time now. The design and implementation is just about perfect, I would say. The next evolutionary step from its predecessor, the Neo, the sound is superb, the clarity and separation is amazing.

So… for those who have been patiently waiting, if you want them now, send us a message. We can arrange for an initial batch for manufacturing. But here’s the thing… At this point, the initial batch will be for uber-tech-savvy builders only. Be warned that this goes way beyond a standard pickup install. A multi-channel system requires an elaborate setup for processing each channel. I will assume that you know what to do with these pickups. If you are a builder with background in electronics, then this is for you. You know how to incorporate these pickups in your design, including mounting, power, audio routing, wiring the multi-pin connectors, and perhaps building a breakout box. All designs (schematics, PCB layout, software, bill of materials, and CAD drawings) will be provided.

But There’s More…

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The XRs are Back

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batchWe are pleased to announce that our second production run of the Cycfi XR series is now available for purchase at We have worked very hard on perfecting their design and manufacturing process while maintaining meticulous attention to detail. Much time has been spent testing the pickups along with the support infrastructure. In the end, we have a product that we are truly proud of; something that we consider a true work of art and an engineering masterpiece. As before, this production run is limited, but we intend to provide a continuous supply as dictated by demand.

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Sato Koetsu’s Guitar

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I have high regard and affection for anything Japanese. I love the people. I love the food. I love the unique culture, Japanese music, arts and certainly their craftsmanship. I often spend time inspecting and appreciating both ancient and modern woodwork, and especially their wonderful musical instruments (both old and new). We lived in Japan for almost a decade (two of my children were “Made In Japan” when I was working there as a software engineer) and somehow the culture and the people molded me in ways I can only be thankful for.

Here’s a lovely guitar build by Sato Koetsu using three Cycfi XR Dual Active 6 pickups plus electronics. All black wiring with an acrylic pickguard. Sperzel locking-tuners with Schaller barrel-buttons. Warmoth Wenge neck with Ebony fingerboard. Two piece spalted buckeye body, stained white a bit, and oil finished. Wilkinson wvp6 bridge.

Do you have a Cyci XR equipped guitar? C’mon and share some pictures! I’d love to post them here!  :-)


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The Continuing Journey

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Nu1-ExplodedAfter a long hiatus, I think the Nu is just about ready. This is the next evolutionary stage of our flagship multichannel pickup. Originally named the Neo, the Nu sports better crosstalk performance using permalloy shields and active crosstalk cancellation, even lower noise with improved discrete preamp design, adjustable curvature (you want the pickup as close as possible to the strings to minimise cross-talk), and better aesthetics, sharing the same aesthetics as the XRs. Most importantly, they sound just as good as the original.

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Soapbar Take 2

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I have mixed feelings with the Soapbar ring idea. Many like it, but some don’t. Jon Chang suggested transparent rings for that modern look that fits the XR’s unique look. It’s all about aesthetics. That might work, but why don’t we push a bit harder?

I think the 3D rendering above looks good. This one will be difficult to execute, but might be worth a try. Perhaps it can be done using layered acrylic or maybe resin casting. Clear resin casting gives nice results when done right, but it is very difficult to do right and in quantity. No wonder Q-Tuner no longer builds pickups that way.

I’d still keep the open coils. I like the hackable, modular and customisable nature of the XRs. I like the way the XR pickups can be disassembled down to the preamps and coils.

Soapbar Ring?

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quad-7With the current open-coil XR Quad coil 7 and 8 string design (image right), there’s empty space at the sides when placed in a guitar with a soapbar rout, which is quite common in extended range guitars such as the .strandberg* Boden. One solution is to position the two double coils closer together and add a ring, following the footprint of the soapbar, around the assembly (3D rendering above).

What do you think?


Happy Birthday Les Paul

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“And of course, I had my problems because so many people weren’t ready to accept it”.
—Les Paul

My hero! June 9 would have been his 100th birthday. What a remarkable coincidence that it was also the birthday of our XR pickups!

Of course we all know the Gibson Les Paul, but while everyone else uses the guitar he designed in the 50s, he went on and continued innovating. What you see in this video is not the same 50s mojo we see everywhere. This is Les Paul’s favorite guitar and the one he used since the early 1970s: the Les Paul Recording Model. For Les Paul, it’s the the ultimate recording guitar. It was designed to be plugged directly into a mixing console!

Those are Low Impedance pickups! This guitar, or more specifically the pickups he used here, is the reason why I am going Lo-Z.


An amazing reception for Cycfi XR pickups

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Thank you all for your enthusiastic response to the release of our Cycfi XR series pickups! Due to the overwhelming demand we have sold out of the XR 6 and XR 8 pickups (both Dual and Quad) in record time. We still have a limited stock of our XR 7’s as well as support electronics still available. For those desiring sold out items we will be conducting a pre-sale giving those pre-sale customers priority orders for the next production run. We will be making an announcement soon about the commencement of the pre-sale. Thank you again!