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Nexus Update: Mixer Module

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This is the second part of the Nexus documentation series. The first part documents the Basic Kit. This time, we investigate the Mixer Module. Eventually, all of this will end up in a single document.

The (optional) Mixer module is a daughter board that sits atop the Main Board (see Basic Kit). This module provides a simple, yet extensible and hackable mechanism for mixing (up to) 12 audio channels down to stereo. Each channel can be mixed to either left or right using the L/R selector configuration headers.

The diagram at the right shows the routing for each channel. The center pins connect to the buffered outputs of channels 1 through 12 via 10K summing resistors. The left and right pins connect to the summing junctions of a dual OpAmp (OPA2209 low noise precision operational amplifier). The mixer gain is -1.

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Nexus Update: Basic Kit

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I’ll be providing the Nexus documentation in tranches. This is the first part of the series. Eventually, all of this will end up in a single document. Let’s start with the Basic Kit.

nexus-block-diagramThe Basic Kit includes the 1) Main Board where all signals from the multichannel input as well as control voltages pass through, plus where power regulation and conditioning are handled, 2) I/O Module: 12 channels where each channel can be configured as an input or output. Typically, these are used to send multichannel audio to your effects, amp, mixer or multichannel audio interface. But, if you do not need all 12 channels, they can also be configured as inputs (e.g. Foot switches and Expression pedals). The Basic Kit includes the blue boxes in the Nexus block diagram at the right.

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Announcing the Nexus

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After more than a year of continuous refinement, I’m proud to finally release the Nexus. This small, hacker friendly breakout box connects your multichannel guitar to the outside world using a specialized (LEMO compatible) multi-pin connector for up to 12 channels of audio and 7 channels of analog control voltages for by-wire (remote) control of volume, tone, patch or effects. Audio may come from standard mono-pickups or from the Nu multichannel pickup. Analog control voltages are converted to MIDI control messages.

The Nexus and related support electronics are currently only available on pre-order basis, with a 3 week lead time for the first batch. Please send us a message for inquiries and orders.

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Nu Mixing

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solid_state_logicAn often asked question about the Nu modular pickups is about mixing to mono, or even stereo. The typical assumption is that, just like any other active pickup, you simply tie the outputs together to have a summed output. But not so fast! With 2 or 3 pickups (typical guitar setup), you might be able to get away with passive mixing. But mixing anything more than three channels is not a simple task and cannot be overlooked.

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Lo-Pro Nu Multi

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The Standard Nu capsule already has a very low profile with a height of 7mm (See specs). But the baseplate and connectors underneath add some more to the total height (18mm for the Nu Multi. You can also find that in the specs).

Recently, we concluded a project for a custom low-profile Nu Multi with a total height of just around 8mm. The objective was to top-mount this “Lo-Pro Nu Multi”, as I fondly call it, on an acoustic guitar. The same technology, lower height.

Do you have a project in mind using our pickups? Send us a message. Wed love to hear your thoughts and help you realize your ideas.