Spirit C++


Some of you probably know that I am a C++ programmer. I am a consultant at Ciere Consulting. I am a strong advocate of Open Source since 1998. I am active contributor to the Boost libraries, a peer-reviewed, open collaborative development effort. I am the author of Boost.Spirit, Boost.Fusion and Boost.Phoenix. This is my C++ Now 2013 talk “Joel de Guzman: Inside Spirit X3: Redesigning Boost.Spirit for C++11”.

I know… this hasn’t got anything to do with guitars 🙂 but this is the other side of me anyway…




Brian Cullen says:

I'll watch this through eventually. In the meantime, I'd just like to say that it's great to see the amazing Joel being so amazing even without a guitar in hand.

Joel says:

Haha. I'll tell you, I feel very insecure without the guitar. If only I'm even half as good as the splendid Brian! 🙂