21st Century Pickups for the Modern Guitar Player


Extended Response

With full frequency response across the range of human hearing from 20Hz to 20kHz and beyond the Cycfi XR gives you the perfect blank canvas to sculpt your signature tone. Learn more →



Discover Every Nuance

Check out these sound clips demonstrating the richness and detail captured by our Cycfi XR Extended Response Pickups. For best results, put on a good set of headphones or better yet, have your reference monitors ready and immerse yourself in a truly 21st century listening experience. Listen to samples →



Cycfi XR pickups are not made with alien technology or special exotic materials to allow them to perform far beyond a normal pickup (although they do perform far beyond a normal pickup). What’s the secret behind the Cycfi XR?

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At the core of the Cycfi XR is an elegant combination of compact, modular, low-impedance sidewinder design and an integrated ultra low-noise preamplifier, using modern SMT electronics. The product of extensive R&D and exhaustive testing, our best-of-class noiseless, humbucking transducers far exceed current generation pickups letting your strings take center stage. Learn more →



Options and Configurations

Take control of your tone and customize your instrument’s electronics. With many options to choose from including Dual Coils (single-coil width), Quad Coils (PAF width), Active and Passive coils, we can provide the pickup configuration you’ve dreamed of for 6, 7 or 8 strings and beyond. Then, couple your custom pickups to any of our versatile controls including Volume, Tone and Blend as well as our Active Resonant Filter, proprietary 5-way switch and more. Pick the components that you need for your dream guitar setup and have it up and running fast with our hassle-free solderless system. We’ve got you covered.  Learn more →


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